If I fall apart






If I fall apart
It means somebody gets more room
I tried my very hard
Now seems I need a broom.

    Pick up the pieces where I left
    And try continue on
    To find your way if nothing's left
    To find that way back home

If I sail away
Don't try to send me Instagram
When you are still at bay
I'm eighty thousand texts away
I do like what you say
I'll like it stupid Facebook way
You got a thing to say!

    Yey-yey, you found a way
    To tell no one you are the same.

If I fall apart
It means somebody's got more room
Congratulations, pal
Don't put away that broom.

    You ask me what I wanna do
    I tell you I don't know
    Yes, you can take this jumperoo
    That I have outgrown.

When I fall apart
It means some lucky got a room
So do your very part
I'll hold for you that broom.

    I'll step aside and smile,
    Won't judge, nor I will teach.
    Some day tell me 'bout that last mile
    You'll find me on the beach

        You got a couple'a things to say!
        The world, for now, will be your way
        Or seems like, anyway.
        Continuous yesterday.

When I fall apart
There's gonna' be no more to say
I hope for those who got it right
It is a lovely night

We'll laugh away,
We will just laugh away?

Just laugh this life away..




17 февраля 2017

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