Death and Love






The world is going 'round
With muted squeaky sound.
The way it has been going before.
Today is yesterday.
But you and I're okay,
And barely something matters more.
And I remember us.
I'm looking through the glass
Reflecting in my eyes the sparks of sunshine.
That glass is now half-full,
I'm feeling like a fool,
But stilll enjoying memories and wine.

Through endless stream of days
And our messy ways,
The worlds apart there were me and you.
Through countless helpless tries
We saw each other's eyes
As simple as it was. And we knew
It's not about sex,
Nor bouncing from my ex,
It's not about the mess in my head.
The truth is hard to take,
But life is hard to fake.
It's all about the road that ahead.

The world is often bad
So you are often sad.
I am learning to accept as it is -
Your doubts and your laughs,
Your poems and your drafts,
Declining sun and caressing breeze.
And also Death and Love
Descending from above,
Way outside perceivable range.
The rest is rather small.
I will accept it all.

Those are the things that I wouldn't change..



октябрь 2009

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